W3D Feature Spotlight: Customizable Controls
Posted in Company on June 05,2015



 One of the most important and defining features of the W3D is the phone’s unique custom game controls.



  Snail Games is a game company, which means we understand what gamers want when it comes to playing games. Mobile games are restricted to small screens with uncomfortable controls that often block out a significant portion of the UI. Smartphone controller accessories currently on the market make phones bulky and unattractive, and they run the risk of damaging the device they are attached to.

  The W3D acts as a traditional game controller seamlessly combined with a high-spec Android smartphone. This not only gives gamers a comfortable way to play their favorite mobile games, it also gives developers an opportunity to develop more ambitious mobile games that take full advantage of the W3D’s controls.

  Depending on how a game is programmed, the W3D’s controls will either function automatically in a default setup, or players can choose to customize the controls however they like in under 30 seconds.

  Here’s how it works:

  When a game is launched, a custom control icon will appear on the side of the screen.



  Selecting the icon will open the W3D’s custom control interface.


  After selecting “Custom”, players will be able to customize any button, d-pad direction, or analog stick on the W3D by dragging the corresponding icon to any point on the screen.


  Once the controls are set, select the checkmark and the game can now be played using the custom control setup. For convenience, players’ custom control schemes will be saved in the “Default” tab of the custom control interface, allowing players to instantly set up custom controls for games with similar control schemes.


  These few steps are all it takes to set up and save a custom control scheme on the W3D – players can enjoy using their own custom control scheme in any game with this simple setup.

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