Dec 22,2017

Recognition Across All Platforms: Snail Honored as a Top Ten Game Publisher in China

On December 19, 2017, Snail is recognized by China’s Game Publishers Commission (GPC) as one of the top-ten game publishers in China. This high honor acknowledges a company’s contribution to the gaming community through research and development, as well as its vision for the state of this ever-changing industry.

Dec 28,2017

Snail’s Multi-Platform Strategy

“Ark Park” is the first VR title that comes red-hot off the Ark brand, a collaboration between Snail and Wildcard that is now a global sensation across multiple platforms. It was announced by Sony for the PSVR in TGS 2017.

Dec 06,2017

Snail maintains R&D competitiveness

According to the authoritative “2017 Research and Development Competitiveness Report for the Chinese Gaming Industry” that was published on 11/30/2017, mobile gaming in China is now a $15-billion USD industry. For the three prior quarters, income from self-developed products makes up more than 95% of the revenue. This highlights the critical importance of solid research and development behind a successful product.


Dark and Light, an upcoming online fantasy sandbox RPG from Snail Games, immerses players in a vast UE4-powered world of unlimited potential.

Taichi Panda is the latest action RPG to hit the mobile scene from Snail Games, bringing a fun adventure to a visually stunning and uniquely stylized world. Start an exciting journey in this interesting new action-style RPG.

Sword of Shadows is the latest epic martial arts MMO title from Snail Games. The ancient realm of Jianghu is once again under siege by dark and powerful forces. Each martial arts school is fierce and fearsome in its own right, but is any one faction strong enough to take control of the kingdom? In Sword of Shadows, players will embark on a journey to become a martial arts legend in a dazzling world powered by the second generation Flexi Engine.

Dragon Revolt is the latest fantasy MMORPG title from Snail Games. Set on the fictional continent of Gellanpor, players are thrust into the lethal conflict between the Lothelan Empire and the Ashitar Blood Alliance.

ARK Park is an immersive VR experience that brings to life a world where living, breathing dinosaurs are still roaming the earth.


Android gaming smartphone.

The phone is fully optimized in button adaptation and software support for popular game titles such as Arena of Valor. Players can use both keyboard and mouse, achieve free combination of keys, and one-key combo skills to enhance their gaming experience.

W 3D

Premier Eye-tracking 3D Gaming Smartphone.

Experience gaming made real with the W 3D from Snail. Making use of Snail’s innovative eye-tracking glasses-free 3D tech, experience fresh gaming and unprecedented 3D graphics for mobile like never before.


Powerful Global Android Gaming Console.

Introducing the OBox, the latest gaming system from Snail to hit the global market. Turn your living room into an entertainment center and enjoy big screen entertainment. Using the powerful Nvidia K1 processor, enjoy top-tier international gaming with the OBox.

Snail Store

Snail Store was launched 2014, as a mobile terminal APP platform. It has grown as a comprehensive platform, including APP store, telecommunication and game platform, business platform, real business hall.

Snail SIM Card

Telecom + Gaming Integrated SIM Card

Snail Mobile proposes telecom + gaming integrated SIM cards, such as 9 Series, 0 Series and Enjoy Playing series, through innovative tariff and value-added service, to bring convenience and refreshing mobile experience to our subscribers.Till December 2017, Snail SIM Card has more than 11million users,with the maximum number of users.