SNAIL DIGITAL (Suzhou Snail Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2000 and was China’s first studio to create its own 3D online gaming title. Today, successfully forming an integrated industry chain with competencies in software and hardware, Snail is an Internet-based company with a comprehensive product portfolio comprised of technology development, content development, global distribution, platform operations, traffic data management, and terminal manufacturing.


SNAIL’s gaming business covers multiple industries including PC games, mobile games, VR/AR games, video games, and web games, etc. Since it published China’s first 3D online game Voyage Century, Snail Digital has owned several independent intellectual proprietary technologies. Meanwhile, SNAIL published and operated over 100 localized editions of Voyage Century, Age of Wushu, and Taichi Panda in the world. SNAIL has exported its titles to over 150 countries in the world. It now has over 200 million subscribers over the world and accumulated rich experience in global marketing.


SNAIL MOBILE was established in 2014. A series of telecom products with its own virtual operation brand Mian at the core were launched.Till March, 2017, Snail Mobile has over 10 million users. Snail Mobile has become the largest virtual network operator by revenue with the highest number of users and the widest range of products.


Excellent brand ethos shapes a supreme product experience. Looking to the future, Snail will continue to explore and expand in the virtual frontier, to seamlessly bridge the gap between reality and the virtual world.


Snail, born to dream!






Founded in 2010 in the heart of Los Angeles’ Silicon Beach, Snail Games USA is devoted to researching upcoming technologies, establishing new publishing and game development partnerships for the Western Market in preparation for the launch of our upcoming software products and hardware platforms.







China’s First Virtual Operator from the Gaming Industry. Snail Mobile is the latest member of the Snail Digital family. We have a robust domestic user base, a comprehensive product line, and the highest revenue of any Chinese MNVO. Our offerings include the mobile gaming platform Snail Store, unique service packages like the Snail SIM and Snail Gold SIM, and hardware products customized for gamers such as the W3D Gaming Smartphone, the Snail Integrated Smartphone, and the Snail Mobile Self-service Terminal. Snail Mobile subscribers have reached 11 million up to  December , 2017.